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  • All About Body!

    By Maren Stratte and Elizabeth G Stratte, MD

    Body Skincare is often times neglected in favor of facial skincare. Below are the most common questions and answers to body care!

  • SPF 101: burning questions answered

    By Maren Stratte and Elizabeth G Stratte, MD

    There are a lot of SPFs out there and a lot of questions about what they mean. Here, Dr. Stratte breaks it down for you.

  • Rosacea: Do's and Don'ts

    By Maren Stratte and Elizabeth G Stratte, MD

    Do you suffer from Rosacea?  There is no known cause or cure to rosacea, however flare-ups can be managed!


    By Maren Stratte and Elizabeth G Stratte, MD

    Hair loss has many causes. Is regrowth possible? Luckily when your body gets enough of the missing nutrients, hair can regrow.

  • 4 Simple Steps to Heal Dry Lips

    By Maren Stratte and Elizabeth G Stratte, MD

    Coldness, dry weather, sun damage, and frequently licking your lips are just some of the reasons your lips might feel dry and chapped. Here are the tricks to have soft, supple lips year-round:

  • Our Favorite Acne Fighting Ingredients

    By Elizabeth G Stratte, MD and Maren Stratte   We see a lot of acne products out there with a lot of different ingredients. It can be overwhelming as well as discouraging with false promises and high expectations. Here we’ve collected the most effective ingredients to look out for.  Salicylic A...

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