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Latisse was the pioneer lash enhancing product to hit the market and it is and still continues to be the only FDA-approved prescription treatment that can be used to grow your lashes, make them longer, thicker as well as darker. Latisse offers unparalleled results for the lashes, with results unlike contending products.

Latisse has been an innovative product – by prolonging a certain stage of our lash growth cycle, the anagen phase, also known as the active growth phase, proper and extended use of the product will result in real growth, real results. Results not only noticed by you, but by all your friends and family!

Why Latisse? Many wonder why they should choose Latisse over another lash enhancing product. Is it really that much different than products making similar claims? The answer is yes! As we mentioned, Latisse has been approved by the FDA as a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis to grow eyelashes.

Although the results of Latisse can be remarkable and truly significant, consumers should also keep in mind that as with all products results will vary with each person. The results from Latisse are gradual, another reason we highly recommend using Latisse daily as directed. Clinical trials for Latisse indicate that users saw significant improvement by two months. It is also our recommendation that you continually use Latisse, unless otherwise suggested by your physician. If you do discontinue use your eyelashes will be expected to return to their previous appearance over the period of time you stop using the product.

Latisse contains 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.

Common Questions:

What should I do and should I be concerned if Latisse gets in my eye?
Latisse is not expected to cause any harm to the eyes. It’s recommended that you do not rinse your eye(s).

Can I keep using my normal mascara?
Yes, the Latisse medication can definitely be used in conjunction with your mascara.

Can I use cotton swabs or material OR cosmetic brushes to apply my Latisse?
No, it is not recommended to use either. Because Latisse is a prescription, FDA-approved product, sterile applicators are included with the product for application.

Should I remove my contact lenses before applying Latisse?
Yes, it is the recommendation that the consumer remove their contact lenses prior to application so that Latisse solution does not absorb into your lenses. Your contact lenses can be placed back in 15 minutes after your Latisse application.
What happens if I forget to apply my Latisse?
No need to worry. Do not attempt to apply more product or “catch up” on applications if you miss applying it one day. Simply apply your Latisse as you would for your next application. Keep in mind overuse of this product or extra applications will not increase the growth of your eyelashes.
What happens if I discontinue use of Latisse?
After a few weeks to months your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance and visual state of discontinuing use of Latisse.

*Hypotrichosis is the medical term for inadequate lashes.

What to discuss with your doctor:

Can anyone use Latisse?
Those previously diagnosed with eye pressure problems, are currently taking medication for eye pressure problems or are at risk for factors involving glaucoma should be discussed with your doctor or eye care specialist prior to using Latisse.

Possible side effects:
Common side effects are itching and/or redness of the eye and eye area. This side effect is rare and was only reported by about 4% of patients in the clinical trials. The Latisse solution may also cause even less common side effects, typically on the skin close to where the product was applied, or in the eyes including skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness or redness on the eyelids.

Immediately speak to a physician if the following occurs:
A new or different eye condition develops, you experience a decrease in vision, especially a sudden decrease, have eye surgery or plan to have eye surgery or acquire any reactivity, especially so if it is an infected eyelid reaction and if you experience any eye trauma.

Important Safety Information:
Latisse may cause eyelid skin darkening which may be reversible, and there is a potential for increased brown iris pigmentation which is likely to be permanent. There is a potential for hair growth to occur in areas where Latisse solution comes in repeated contact with skin surfaces, which may not be desired growth areas. Thus, be cautious where you apply this product. If you develop or experience any eye problems or have eye surgery consult your doctor immediately about continuing use of Latisse. Do not use Latisse if you are allergic to its ingredients.
Important Latisse brochures, application instructions and information will be included with your Latisse shipment. Renew Dermatology & Laser Center highly recommends reading this information over. We are also available to assist you with questions, comments, concerns via email or phone.

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