Laser Hair Removal

It’s completely safe. The procedure involves a non-surgical laser and does not require downtime or recovery. The laser detects color in the hair and selectively targets the foundations within the skin. Concentrated light beams are focused intensely on these and destroy the follicle. Patients will experience intermittent ‘zaps’ comparable to quick stinging, like being snapped by a rubber band, and we will provide topical numbing cream for your comfort. These are the result  of physical decimation of the hair’s growth center. Precision beams are carefully fired at hair foundations, leaving the surrounding skin untouched.


Hair must be shaved prior to treatment with LightSheer in the area being treated. Shaving gel and a fresh razor work well. Try to shave as close as possible. It takes approximately 1-3 weeks for the hair to fall out. The patient will notice minimal hair regrowth (usually) for one to four weeks. Usually after approximately 4-6 weeks (faces) and 6-8 weeks (bodies), the patient will have adequate regrowth for another treatment.


Do not pluck or wax 4-6 weeks prior to treatment.


If you have tan skin, please wait until your tan fades before your treatment. This will ensure the best treatment with the highest accuracy.


For patients with a history of 1-2 cold sores annually and are having hair removal treatments around the lip area are recommended to take anti-viral medication for 24 hours prior to treatment, and for 24-48 hours after treatment. Please speak to the laser nurse regarding this.

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