Dysport is a prescription injection to temporarily relax forehead lines, the furrows between the eyebrows, and smile lines. Frown lines are “dynamic”- they happen because of the way a person’s face moves. Dysport temporarily improves the look of your frown lines by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscles. This results in the reduction of muscle activity to temporarily prevent contraction of the muscles treated. Use of Dysport won’t change the look of your whole face, and untreated facial muscles will still work normally.

How to Get the Best Results With Dysport:

Make sure to schedule your appointment for Dysport at least two weeks prior to any special event, since it can take that long to see the full effect. There is a chance of bruising with any injection, especially for those prone to bruising.


To reduce this chance, be sure to discontinue herbals like vitamin E, St John’s wort, and ginkgo biloba several days prior to your appointment. Other medications such as ibuprofen (Advil) and aspirin can also increase bleeding and should also be discontinued 5 days prior to your appointment. If these are prescribed for a health condition, consult the prescribing physician before making any changes. Mineral makeup can be applied immediately following the injections and can be used in the following days to cover any redness or bruising which may occur.

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